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A focus on understanding Caribbean lifestyle and everyday life in the context of its history


Raising Caribbean will show case developing and established artists in music, design, art and literature

Heading- Happy Holi!

Holi or Phagwah as it is called in the Caribbean, is the Hindu Festival of Colors celebrating love, signifying good over evil and the festivity of spring.

With all the sadness in the world, may the spirit of Holi bring some peace and joy. "Immersed in color we all look the same, no difference in class or race, no perception of beauty, just a rare glimpse of our original self."

Venmo @Meera-Chhedi


Growing up in the Caribbean, my childhood memories are a mix of family events, food and music all culminating in the collective experience of our culture. When I moved to the Unites States (circa 1999) I had no idea the strong role culture would play in my identity journey. Now as my children have their own questions, and own self discovery process, I am sharing and dedicating this to them.

I am starting this platform to offer a resource to the next generation, the Caribbean diaspora being raised globally, changing the palettes of their new home countries. Knowledge of your history and your ancestral lives are powerful tools for your development. My dream is to create something lasting and educational for the experience of Caribbean culture.